Manan Trust facilitates the philanthropic giving of FSSA Investment Managers, an independent investment management team within First Sentier Investors. 


Manan Trust is governed by five directors from the FSSA global team. They meet with Manan's management team regularly to discuss grant applications, the strategic direction of the Trust, and administrative and governance issues. 


Staff engagement is a unique component of Manan Trust. All funded projects require an FSSA staff champion. Working alongside the Manan team, they are actively engaged in the grant making process – assisting with initial due diligence on partner organisations, monitoring and evaluation, relationship building and annual project visits. Staff engagement brings a deeper perspective to our partnerships, helps ensure accountability and encourages active global citizenship. 


Manan Trust is a charitable organisation registered as Manan Limited under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong.





Amanda Clarke

Executive Director

Amanda joined Manan in 2017 and is responsible for leading the Trust’s portfolio of partnerships, as well as working closely with the Board to set and meet strategic objectives. Amanda manages a variety of key relationships with NGO’s, funders, sector experts and policy makers.


Prior to Manan, Amanda worked in Corporate Communications and Philanthropy at Bloomberg, and most recently ran regional Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Linklaters. Amanda holds a BA (Hons) in Chinese and Management Studies from Durham University.


Eva Luk

Senior Partnership Manager

Eva joined the team in 2017 and is focused on further refining impact assessment frameworks, portfolio management and administration.

Eva graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a double degree in business and law, studying international law and human right issues. She has worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) handling asylum claims, as well as the Hong Kong Policy Research Foundation, focusing on the promotion of local social enterprises. Most recently, she was the Grant Administrator for Porticus Asia Ltd, an international family foundation, responsible for grant administration, strategy development and results assessment, with a special focus on education in Asia.

Maggie Andersen

Partnership Manager

Maggie joined the team in 2018 and is responsible for supporting grant administration, operations, and internal engagement.

Maggie graduated from Rice University with a degree in History and a minor in Poverty, Social Justice, and Human Capabilities. Previously, she worked for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and volunteered with Tu Mujer in the Dominican Republic. Most recently, Maggie worked as a teacher and an administrator, focusing on developing curriculum, content knowledge, and developmentally appropriate pedagogy in low-income primary schools in Texas and Colorado.